While Clay’s been away at law school, we are often apart for weeks at a time.  On the weekends he gets to come home, I send him a handmade card that arrives on Wednesdays; if he cannot make it home, a card also arrives on Saturdays.  I’ve made small boxes for every semester that he’s been there which hold the cards, but he had mentioned that some of the cards were too large for the boxes.  This month’s challenge was perfect for motivating me to create a larger box for his card collection.

February 27

The Challenge: Create a handmade gift for a loved one using your Cricut machine(s).


I began with an unfinished 12″ x 9″ hinged box, which I stained with Americana Gel Stains in walnut.  I then used some vintage looking paper to cover the lid and line the inside of the box to protect the cards from acid, lignen, etc., to keep them from deteriorating too quickly.


The woman’s hand holding the envelope was a perfect selection from the Cricut Sentimentals cartridge for this project.  I wanted a softer appearance for the hand, so instead of using the flower on the original design, I added a bit of flare with some vintage lace from my mother’s collection.  A little ribbon and some pearls completed the look of a vintage blouse.  I also included the phrase, ‘pour vous’,  because I just talked to Clay about my learning French; how ironic.  The box did not have a clasp to keep it closed, so I used a transparent ribbon and added a vintage rose button (also from my mother’s collection).


I love how the box turned out.  It is probably a bit more feminine looking than I intended, but my answer to that: a female made it and the items in it!   No matter, I know he’ll love it.

Enjoy and have a wonderfully crafty day!