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Crown Royal Quilt #2

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Last year, I created a Crown Royal patchwork quilt. This year I decided to use the fronts and backs to make this one.


There are 9 rows of 7 bags.  The quilting will be along the edges of the bags. I edged the sides (all 4 sides) with a dark purple flowered print, then added the batting and a yellow gold satin for the backing. I will use the edges of the backing for the binding. I will add a picture of the finished quilt at a later date.


  1. How easy is this to make. Do you have a easy cut and sew pattern

    • This quilt is made using the entire side of one Crown Royal bag. No pattern needed. Bags sewn together through the gold stitching and then stitching through the stitching to put the batting and backing together. I have not completed this quilt yet. I suffered a stroke in May 2016 and have not gotten back to it yet. It was hand stitched together but the quilting will be done on my sewing machine. Cutting the bags apart takes awhile and getting it pinned together was time consuming as well. Collecting the bags could take awhile as well, unless you drink a lot of CR or have friends who do.

      • I have a pattern and at the moment I have more crown bags than I know what to do with… I am looking for someone to either make me one or teach me how… please email me at if you are interested

        • Rhonda, at this moment in time i am unable to undertake the production of a quilt. I would be willing to help walk you through the process and give you tips and pointers. I will email you. Thank you for your comment.

      • I want to find someone who will make one for me..

  2. I’ve got a 150 bags now what is the best way to get started. I’ve washed all the bags. Where do I cut the bag from the front or the back of the bag?

    • I cut them apart at the edge of the stitching as close to the stitching as I could get. Then lay the side panels aside and separate the side pieces. Determine what your pattern will be. I then stacked the pieces I wanted in the order they would be sewn together.
      I would first decide what I kind of wanted the quilt to look like. That might determine whether you wanted to cut off the gold stitching off or not. I made a quilt with 5 different colors of squares. I laid the squares out next to each other in order to see if I liked it. If not, I changed the order. But then I had to change it for the entire quilt. This quilt, I simply pinned the bags side by side and then machine sewed them together -one row at a time. Once each row was ready, I laid them out one row over the top of another until they looked Ike what I wanted to look.
      I then machine stitched them together to create the quilt. I laid the thin fiber fill and backing on the backside of the quilt. I machine stitched around and on top of the gold stitching to do the quilting.
      The binding will be the backing material folded over the front to finish. I hope this answers your question. For new quilters, I found I had a lot to learn. I searched for quilting and patterns. I probably spent at least 3 months researching and drawing my patterns. I bought books on quilting to help me.

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