After our last meeting at Shari’s house, I came home with goodies from Shari glucose, glycerin, fondant mat (returning), recipes, & lots of ideas.  I was going to try to make her wedding cake again, hopefully with different results… lol.

I decided to make a French vanilla cake (since Dale bought me two boxes of that particular cake mix) and was trying to decide what to use for a filling.  Shari went to great lengths to create fillings & icings & wonderful tasting cakes when we did our last tasting, so I felt that I had to come up with something & not just plain frosting for all layers.

I browsed the internet & looked in the pantry & found some dried peaches & apricots (bought to make some Lara bars with).  I made apricot/peach Peach Schnapps puree with the fruit.  Next time I do it, I will either make a syrup to go with it or buy preserves.  I really wanted something that would kind of soak into the cake.  You can barely see the puree for the spatula in the container.

I made the cakes, split & leveled them & froze them to await their shiny coat of fondant.  Of course, I had to put on a crumb coat before the icing & before the fondant but I am getting ahead of myself.

PIC_0190 PIC_0192

This was the first cake that all the fondant was homemade!  Shari sent me home with a fondant recipe for Marshmallow Fondant with a variation for a white chocolate one. The recipe can be found here


I sifted the powdered sugar again because sometimes lumps are created during packaging & shipping of the sugar.

PIC_0196 PIC_0197

I melted the white chocolate, then melted the marshmallows in a bowl, with some water, in the microwave.

PIC_0198 PIC_0207


I added the melted white chocolate & then poured the liquids over the powdered sugar as the mixer (with dough hook attached) started the process of mixing the ingredients together.


(My fondant work station – the kitchen table).


When the powdered sugar was nearly incorporated into the fondant, it was time to start working it by hand.

PIC_0218 PIC_0219
PIC_0226 PIC_0231

I had some trying times working the fondant & realize that I probably OVERWORKED (or worried) it.  I have discovered that if I am still kneading it after a couple of hours, it’s time to stop, let it rest, call it a day, and revisit it tomorrow!!!  I didn’t get any pictures of covering either of the cakes, but here is the bottom layer all covered & it was so beautiful, I almost cried!!!!!


HINT:  I did find that if I stuck the fondant into the microwave & set the timer for 10 seconds, the fondant was MUCH easier to work with.

After I put the cakes on top of each other, then I started the process of decorating the cake.  It actually helps if you read the directions in the book (which I didn’t have last time!) on how to assemble the cakes.  The two layers (8 & 10″) were split in half & puree was layered in between each layer of the cake and frosting around the outside to await the fondant.

After the fondant, and before the final decorations, I had to put pearls around the bottom of each layer.  Now, pearls have NEVER been my strong suit-but I found that I can either make them the way most cake decorators do (lay the decorator’s bag @ 45 degrees & squeeze out frosting & drag it off the side – this doesn’t leave a little tip on the pearl) or I could do them still at a 45 degree angle but not drag them to the side.  All I had to do was come back after the icing hardened a bit & lightly smash the point.   Guess which one I did?


I really think they came out pretty good this time-more like pearls & not little disaster areas!!!

The final decorations consist of placing two stripes of icing down with some fondant ribbon mixed in.  The photos above show how I marked the cake to get ready for the placement of the icing & ribbons.


Shari, if I can’t figure out how to have a steadier hand, we may have to have silver cord & burgundy ribbon.


All kidding aside, I have really had a blast learning to work with fondant.  Jennifer even gets in the action by researching things like – how to get air bubbles out of fondant,  where to buy icing colors & what kind to buy.  I had a really good time even with all the imperfections of the cake – it tasted PRETTY GOOD!  I will be taking half of the cake to Shari’s for our next sister’s week!  Wish you could join us!!!