After the Party

Deb and Shari evidently have CSR (Can’t remember stuff) so I can’t remember which was the bigger excuse/reason for our getting together every month.

Was it the desire to not squander more time away?


Was it Shari’s upcoming wedding next January?

If only they didn’t have such significant CSR, I might remember….. at any rate, both excuses/reasons are good enough for me. One might say “I’m all IN”.

After having a great time at Shari’s, the fun continued once Deb and I got back to her house.

Thought I would share pictures of the Sun butter (Sunflower Seed Butter) that Deb and I created with her new Hamilton Beach processor.



According to the recipes I read, the Sunflower seeds needed to be roasted.  I forgot that when I did them at home.  When I DID remember, I scraped all the powdered sunflower seeds onto a cookie sheet, then into the oven on broil?.  and —- got distracted while they were heating up. So my first batch (not pictured here) was  a BIT TOASTY !  ;-(

Though some call for roasting them in the oven, I found it just as easy to heat them up in the skillet this  time.  Using the skillet method, my mind and attention did not wander as much.



This is what they looked like
after the skillet treatment…
before heading off to the processor

We ended up adding:

about 1 Tablespoon of Carrington Farms Cold Pressed coconut oil
1 Tablespoon of Rudy’s local fresh, raw honey from Livingston (that’s TX for those who do not know)
A Dash (less than 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt

Here is one of the sunbutter … “in Process” as one might call it.


And?.. the final product. DSCF0048

I’ve read quite a few posts stating that it takes about 8-10 minutes in a food processor. I’ll tell you right now, it took about 30 minutes in Deb’s brand new processor …..

The biggest lesson I have learned in the 3 times I’ve made this over the last week….

What it takes the most of ——– is

Patience, Grasshopper, Patience

Til the next time?

You?re never too young or too old ? So ??

Live Every Moment,
Love Beyond Words,
Laugh Everyday,