How to Keep Apples From Going Brown

I love apples as a snack and so I’ll cut them up, put them in a plastic container and then snack from the container throughout the day.

This works at home, but when I’m traveling, I hate carrying that extra, really needless, container around, so I dump all my sliced apple pieces in a baggie and of course, by time I am ready to eat my apple, it’s turned brown.

I saw this somewhere recently and just had to try it –

You’ll need four things:

apple to slice-f

Cutting board
Apple Cutter
Rubber Band

Wash your Apple

apple to slice-i

Slice it

apple to slice-n

Put it back together, then put it in your plastic bag and you’re ready to travel.

apple to slice-s



It’s great for kid’s lunch boxes too.

Til the next time!

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