The Great Fruit Salad

If you’ve been following along at all you already know that Shari fixes the meal Monday night, Deb fixes something Tuesday and Wednesday night and I do not get to cook !!! unless, of course it’s my one skillet breakfast – which up until this last trip, no one would eat it but me. Not that they didn’t like all the ingredients, they just couldn’t wrap their heads around mixing them all in the same dish ( I guess). I’ve always known that Shari’s boys were not big vegetable eaters. What I officially found out this trip was that, at least during the summer, Shari fixes a fresh fruit salad to fill in the gap for veggies for the boys.

The first night’s salad had no strawberries, which I thought to be interesting, especially since I’ve discovered I can have strawberries in moderation. In all fairness, in the past, everyone has graciously not made a BIG TO DO about Strawberries because I was allergic and now it’s just habit not to think about them when I’m going to be around. However, Shari went out Tuesday, after the emergency trip to the vet with Lefty, and picked up some fresh strawberries just for ME. If you’re old enough, you’ve heard this great snippet from an old advertisement:

“It’s shake and bake and I helped.”

Well, this is fruit salad at Shari’s and I helped. I got to slice the Strawberries. LOL fruitsalad1 Shari had fresh peaches, fresh pineapple, fresh blue and blackberries and the strawberries.  And here’s the finished project: Deb’s Marinated Pork Loin on the grill, fresh sauted spinach, cauliflower-cheese patties, the Samoa donuts, and of course, the fresh fruit salad that I got to help fix. Winking smile



It was all, yum, yum.. Wish you had been there. Til the next time!

You?re never too young or too old…So!!!

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