There was a period in my sewing life that my attitude was “if it has to be lined, I’m not making it!!!!”.  Fast forward 15-20 years and now it seems “If it’s NOT lined, I’m not making it”.  My, how attitudes change over the years.

If you’ve seen much of anything that I have made since getting back to one of my greatest passions, sewing, you’ll most likely, at some point, realize I line EVERYTHING.  Just doesn’t seem to me that it’s a finished product if it’s not lined.  But that causes other issues…

Since everything, or most everything I create is doubled by making a lining, and since mostly what I do is recycle or use vintage materials, finding sufficient lining fabrics can be a real challenge.  So when Deb relayed to me in a Messenger message, “I found a box of lining materials.  Would you like them?”

LOL, silly girl… did she even need to ask… like a dog begging for a treat, there I was … “yes … yes.. yes … bring the box with you when you come.”

So, the day came for her to bring Harley to stay with Aunti Jen while Deb and spouse, Dale, go off on a cruise for Christmas.  Naturally I reminded her … “Bring the box of lining materials.”

I pondered all afternoon where I would store this box of precious materials… she said the box was fabrics from her mother-in-law … so it should be packed and lots of it… I’d stored materials from her mother-in-law for years and based on those boxes, I imagined it was probably this big.


Or maybe a littler smaller.

Maybe something like this…..

Of course when they drove up, I was excited to see Harley dog, but more to the point… where is the box of lining materials?


After being assured she would remember them when she came back to pick up Harley, even though I was a little disappointed, I understood.  Things get really crazy when they are trying to head out for a trip.  Patience, grasshopper, I told myself……. So, I waited…. and waited ……

They went on their cruise, did a day’s worth of resting up then were heading back down here to retrieve their precious Harley and I was just sure I was headed for excitement city, finally getting this windfall of lining materials in to my now, hot, sweaty with anticipating, hands.

Somehow I managed to contain my anxiousness when I heard them drive up, but I was also working on something in the sewing corner when they came in, so I didn’t see the box.  After a brief SECOND of polite convo, I popped the question.

“Did you remember the box of lining materials?”

Deb said, “yeah, it’s in the chair right there.”

Well, it’s not like I am ungrateful for the thought and the offer, but I’m gonna show you the box now and then… well, what could I say other than:

“WOW!  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it.” (And to be perfectly honest, I am completely grateful.)

And with that note, I’ll just show you the box and make my exit.

And to put it in perspective ……

And now I’m off to use those 3 pieces of lining fabric.  I have 3 6”x6” pockets that need a lining… this donation ought to work fine….

So, in the mean time….

Live Every Moment, Love Beyond Words, Laugh Everyday,


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