The BEST Sweet Cornbread

I’ve become somewhat of a purist along with Gluten free by choice, almost fat free by force.. and somewhere in the middle as far as proteins and carbs go.

If I still ate cornbread, this is the only way I would eat it …

Because ……

It’s quick,

It’s simple,

it’s absolutely, unequivocally delish ….

………. and if you ever invite me over and expect me to eat cornbread,  this is the only way I’ll eat it, so be prepared.  LOL

1 Box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
1 8oz container sour cream (lite works as well as the full fat/regular type sour cream)
4 eggs

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, pour into an 8×8 greased cake pan. Cook according to instructions on box.

It’s great with chili, soups, and any or dish you would normally serve with cornbread.

I even had a guest crumble it up and put it in milk for a dessert one time.  I have to confess, I’d never seen that done, but he gave my cornbread rave reviews once it went into the milk.

It’s likely you could use yogurt or even a non-dairy replacement.  I haven’t tried it, but do know the recipe is fairly forgiving.

So, in the mean time….

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