Homemade Chocolate Sauce Anyone?

I don’t know about you, but it’s been FOREVER since I bought chocolate syrup from the store… Just WAY TOO much bad sugary stuff in it for what it does and is.

Frankly, not being a BIG milk drinker, I’d had a container of Almond Milk in the fridge for quite some time and it was getting ready to reach its best “used by” date. I could not see myself downing that whole container within the next few days anymore than I was in the mood for milk of any sort…. BUT what about chocolate milk?

Well, chocolate milk would be WONDEFRFUL for someone who had chocolate syrup. Right?

I didn’t have any but also knew some wonderful person out there on the internet world would be able to tell me how to make some with the materials I might have in my cabinet.

Doing a quick google search, sure enough… I was able to find many different recipes. What surprised me was that so many people used SUGAR…. Yuk!

I did; however, find some recipes with Agave and Honey, so I picked one of those.

Now you may or not know I have a phobia about heating honey beyond 120 degrees. I mean, if you are taking honey for the benefit of the enzymes and heat it up over 122 degrees, you just cooked your enzymes right out, so why bother… just eat sugar because that’s all you have then. (ok, getting off the DON’T HEAT HONEY soapbox)

Here’s all I used: Nestles Cocoa, Rudy’s Raw Honey (from our local supplier) and HOT water (but NOT over 120 degrees)..


Here is the breakdown:

1/2 cup sifted cocoa

1/4 cup honey (original recipe called for 1/2 c honey- so start with 1/4 and work up if necessary)

1/4 cup hot water- (the hot water helps make the cocoa mix better)

Stir vigorously, Stir vigorously, Stir vigorously. Did I say Stir vigorously?

So once I got it mixed up (all the cocoa blended in) and tasted it — Yummm yummm, I realized I had omitted two ingredients that were in the recipe I thought I was following (I’m such a skim reader sometimes… LOL ) Since mine tasted great as it was, I’ll list these two items as options… to taste. I’m not going to mess with my recipe, but feel free.

1/8 teaspoon Sea Salt

1/2 teaspoon Pure Vanilla extract.

Only 2 teaspoons in a glass of milk will do the trick….

Anyone for a glass of great tasting Chocolate Milk?

Drink up…



Oh, and to my nephew, Michael, should you pass by again… please note… that’s a REAL ‘glass’ glass.

Some side notes before closing…. I froze some of the Almond milk, but after tasting my chocolate milk, changed my mind. The thawing of the Almond Milk is NOT looking so hot. I can’t recommend freezing for Almond Milk.

And on another note, if you’ll notice in the picture below, my honey is turned upside down. Why?

Dave over at Rudy’s honey told me if we turn the honey (upside down 3-4 days then right side up 3-4 days), it helps slow down the sugaring process.

I picked Wednesday and Sunday to turn mine…



Today’s Sunday, so TURN the honey, honey!

Then turn again this coming Wednesday because I may not be around here to remind you.
Til the next time…

You’re never too young or too old  … So ……

Live Every Moment,

    Love Beyond Words,

Laugh Everyday,